Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sunday Evening Post

Going into the holiday stretch and we have plenty to be thankful for.
Pictures from the week.

 When it comes to the Stooges, I stray from the norm and list Shemp as my favorite.  Second is Larry, who I saw here on South Street in Philadelphia.

The first time I saw the Tragically Hip was March 25, 1997 when they appeared on Saturday Night Live.  Fifteen years later I got to catch them live.  Awesome show.  

A good friend hooked me up with some fantastic deer steak.

At the Washington Zoo, they let this panda hang out with a wild animal, Jackus Americanus.

My son was fortunate enough to catch the Ai Weiwei exhibit, "According to What?"
Above is three of his favorites.

Is the fact that a 99 year-old getting in a car crash and the final ride of the antique car museum related?

Wild Skyping.  My wife got a call from these cherubs, who proceeded to serenade her with a rousing rendition of "Over the River and Through the Wood."

The local farmers market.

Happy Birthday, E.
(You look like Elton John, by the way).

Speaking of Birthdays, we polished off the week with two Absolutely Fabulous B-Day Ladies at our chateau.

See you next week.


  1. There was something that matter with your deer steak, it was all RED in the middle! OMG! :)

  2. Tad on the rare side.....nothing horseradish won't fix.