Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Sunday Evening Post

A couple of days left before Christmas.
(If you want, you can pretend each picture is behind a window in an advent calendar).

 Any business named "Chicken Bones" is a successful business.

 As you can clearly see in this photo, I saw two giant Bald Eagles in a field near the Maryland line.  I put my binoculars in the top left so you can use them to see better.

 Steamed burger on toast.

If you don't check your rear view mirror every once in a while,
just might pass you by.


Christmas cookies 
(also known as
fifty more hours on the treadmill). 

We were just talking about this day before it arrived in Mental Floss magazine.
Turns out it began to celebrate the last day of school.

O.K., I want a picture of the two of you together, so squeeze in nice and tight.

I got this mystery photo text and thought "Hooray" would be the safe reply.

When you ask someone what they want for Christmas and the reply is "You with a big bow on your head"
they are just teasing you.
Get them a gift card.

That is what I'm talkin' about.  Spread the love.

I caught this Fat Tire beer on the very last day it would have been considered its best:
December 23, 2012.

St. Michaels.

We had carolers join us for pizza and some old fashioned "Kids in the Hall" head squishin'.

See you next week.


  1. The wittiest cut lines, as always. See you very soon! Susan (Pierre's better half)

    1. It was great seeing you guys, Susan. Hopefully, a trip to the Left Coast is in the cards for us.

  2. I just received "chocowine" for a Christmas present. I'm sure you've had it. How was it? Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

  3. I'll have to check out the chocowine. That's a new one. Happy New Year, Ron.