Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Sunday Evening Post New Year Special!!!!!!!

It was such a huge week to finish off the year that we had to squeeze in two more days!

Talking dogs that text.  I guess as long as they are chatting about "Santa" and not "Satan" it's OK.

Arizona Cowpokes.

Check out my nephew riding on top of the UFO Robot Grendinzer!  He was my favorite growing up.

Wow.  Homemade Christmas morning cinnamon rolls.  My wife left me alone with these for a night and I devoured about five of them in a bowl with milk.
Never again.

Christmas night for these Jews was not spent in a manger.
The Hotel Monaco, Philadelphia.

Let the cleansing and detox from Holiday junk food begin.

Cousin hang time.

Three of my high school chums and I got together for dinner with our wives.  Now check out the four ugly dudes in the front and the attractive ladies they were able to snatch as life mates.
It appears that Delaware public education is doing just fine.

Beautiful fabrics, ornaments, and gifts came from Ghana.  It's a regular Three Kings-like booty!

My wife was sent this photo as she was sitting in a Starbucks.

For some reason, tams and fezzes were spotted all week long.

Scenes from Longwood Garden and finally a photo taken of Saint Susan with a fitting back drop.

My wife spotted a Yonsei University jacket in podunk, Delaware, right after her cousin returned from spending a semester there in South Korea.
Small world.

Long Island Italian cookies.


We dined in Baltimore to celebrate T's 40th.
Happy B-Day!

Finally -
A family New Year Eve's dinner celebration to bring in 2013.

Happy New Year!


  1. I didn't see "four ugly dudes at the table", I saw eight beautiful people. I hope 2013 is the best yet for your and your family and your friends.


  2. Replies
    1. Each week it is my special treat to visit your blog and see the doings of your wonderful family. Your postings always leave me smiling.