Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sunday Evening Post

The United States began with Delaware.
So did this blog.
The week in pictures.

My wife took my son to the hospital after I told her that he was making up stomach pains to get out of school.  She saw this in the office and sent it to me via text.

My retort to her was a shot of smug Ferris Bueller, the king of faking sick.
Of course I was wrong and my son was really sick.

I caught the Notre Dame / Bama game in Milford and thought I should catch a pic for the weekly blog.  It seems fitting that Brent Musburger got in the shot.

There is a lot going on here:
Cowboy boots, strawberry ski caps, tiaras, pom-poms....
but it all spells Trouble with a capital "T".

Martha Stewart put new fabric on our chairs.

My wife's friend sent us a ski photo from Steamboat Springs, Colorado -
where it is 2 degrees.
I guess that explains the lack of skiers in the picture.

My wife brought home the quintessentially stereotypical Jewish Parent care package after a visit with hers: in the bag is a container of homemade chicken soup (for the aforementioned sick kid); the book is a replacement for one borrowed from me by my father-in-law (he feared that he had creased it, so he bought me a new one); and the aluminum foil? Well, my father-in-law told my wife that they'd need another lifetime to finish it, so she might as well take it.  Ok then.

Strolling the streets of Ghana.

It is good to see that kids get away from the TV every once in a while to have some god old fashioned fun.

We strolled around Rehoboth on Sunday to get out of the house on a cloudy day.
Turns out half the people we know did the same thing.

We found a great little Italian restaurant in Milford that a friend recommended.
It is called Mama Maria's and it was good eats.

See you next week.

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  1. My Mother had three boys. She always wanted a girl but in her later years she told us, "I'm glad I didn't have girls, I don't think I could have handled them. You boys were bad enough."

    Another great Sunday post!

    Have a good week.