Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sunday Evening Post

Long Weekend.
Pics from the stretch.

 Now that is a bad day
(an unfortunately, one just recently occurred).

Ode to a dead chicken.
By L and I.
Chicken speckled black and white-
I bode you adieu,
your hanging corpse gave me quite the fright.

Turns out earth meets heaven in the junior high parking lot.

Kilt-wearer at the Apple store.
His Clan?
(Get it? MacIntosh)?

Sorry about that last one, Mr. Connery.

We were privy to a lot of fashion savvy this week - Here is Clifford sporting a homemade hat
(Is that bubble wrap)?

We are all familiar with the 
Lady in Red,
but what about the 
Lady in Red Shoes?

Not to be outdone, this esteemed attorney
confidently displays winter attire not seen since Lee Marvin in "Gorky Park".

I disagree.  Party Smart should be the word 
in a glass emergency case.

My nephew left us some homemade goodies to proudly display in our home.

I try to placate my son as much as possible, but I drew the line when he became a "Dr. Who" fan.  I could not stand it when I was a kid and I can't stand it now.  He has a collection of sonic screwdrivers, Dr. Who's "tool", but as you can see, it is no match for the the cosmic hair clippers of "Dr. Huh?".

If you look at pictures enough, you are able to find the hidden subtleties in the faces of children that signify when a smile is genuine or when it is forced.

See you next week.

1 comment:

  1. I never got the whole "Dr. Who" thing either. A friend of mine used to rhapsodize on and on about the latest "Dr. Who" segment until he put me in a stupor. I checked it out and there was no "there" there.

    Some spiked heels on that Lady in Red. OMG.

    Have a great week!