Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sunday Evening Post

The Week in Pictures.

Coworkers and I finally hit the Fordham Brewery for a taste test.  Great place and a great bunch of people.

According to Mens Health Magazine:
Recent research has revealed bioactive compounds in beer that battle cancer, boost your metabolism, and more. And these benefits come on top of the oft-touted upsides of moderate alcohol intake: clot prevention, cleaner arteries, and reduced stress.

No matter how hard he tries to hide, I can always find Waldo.  Here he is trying to hide under a gray sweater disguised as a woman.

She looks better all cleaned up in her fancy pants.

Lego club put together this floral set.
Nice work, Gang!

First snow of the season.

Get your sled on!

 Yeah, I know.  It's a five-foot hill, but c'mon!  Dream big!

Ladies night out...

It got an enthusiastic thumbs up.

And don't step on the blue suede ones, either.

Sheryl Crow:
The early years.

See you next week.


  1. Colby,

    I tried commenting earlier in the week but couldn't get past your word verification. I'm losing it man. Yet another wonderful Sunday Post! As always, your posts are a private pleasure. :)

  2. Could be time for eyeglasses, but in your defense, the word verifications are getting pretty far out there. I had to type "Semigonda" the other day.