Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sunday Evening Post

That was one long and crazy week.
Fortunately, a lot of us are getting an extra day to rehab.
Here are pictures.

My Son has been raving about a show that follows "bigfoot hunters" around North America.  I saw this cardboard sasquatch in an ad and sent him the photo.

Sometimes it is not the flavor that makes a meal, but the presentation of the food.

Happy Birthday to Bob!  A grand celebration indeed.

It's not a party until some women break out arm wrestling.

I finally found a decent Carribean joint for some jerked chicken with rice and cabbage.
Nice and spicy at "Spice on 300" up in Clayton.

Only my wife will appreciate this picture.
Inside joke.

My father-in-law had a pacemaker put in.  All is well as he shows off the hardware and his buff pectorals.

I snatched up this painting from the "Young Bean" coffee shop.  I like to support local artists, especially when thieir stuff is different and well done.

Jill's cousin did a modeling gig and the resulting image was then hidden around his house by a family member to surprise and creep out others.  Mission accomplished.

Honor roll breakfast.

Breaking in the new rocker.  Legs so long he doesn't know where to put them.

Valentne's Day.


Crazy J in Colorado.
His outfits never disappoint.

Caught a Guinness at the very edge of the week.
Pause.  Reflect.  Breathe.

See you next week.



  1. You're on a roll with yet another great Sunday Post! That picture of your father-in-law looks like me after my latest visit to my dermatologist. A birthday cake made out of Angle Food? Come one, give Uncle Bob a big, heavy gooey birthday cake laden with calories. It's his birthday!

    Have a great week!


  2. I don't think anyone could handle Bob on a chocolate caffeine high.