Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sunday Evening Post

Holy Spring Forward,
Batman!  The week in Pictures 
one hour in the future.

This guy's photo was hanging in the Doner, Haus, a local German joint (their sauerkraut is the bomb).  

They also sell the OMFGs (contents listed above).  As you can see by the stocked shelf, they are not very popular.

I cut my coffee consumption way down after a serious caffeine migraine, so a "Cup of Hate"
(3 shots espresso in a cup of coffee) would probably give me an aneurism.

This one is targeted at my mother, who raised Jersey cows as a young lass in Houston, DE.
Look, Ma!!  Jersey milk is bein' put in rich people's fancy pudding! 

A photo of a rainwater toilet all the way from Seattle.

These cookies spent a few weeks lost in the mail on their way from Wisconsin.  When they appeared at our step, they still had that fresh-from-the-oven smell!

The strange thing about them was that this sock was hidden in the bottom of the box.

Everybody had to try it on, Cinderella style.

Varsity team Librarian hitting her stride.

Hum-drum weather at the front of the week gave everybody cabin fever, so we trekked down to Delmarva Aerosports to get rid of it.

Great weather for the final days, however, got us outside and working around the yard.

First bug of the year.  Some kind of flying ant.

Giant Lincoln Logs.

See you next week.
Here is Neil Diamond doing Holly Holy, which was showcased in the movie we saw on Netflix this week--
"Here Comes the Boom."


  1. Spring is surely coming. I can feel it! Those chocolate chip cookies remind me of the ones my Mom used to send to me when I was stationed at Ft. Devens, Mass in 1960. I don't know how long they took to arrive but when I opened the tin the fresh, home baked aroma was still there and I all of a sudden had a lot of friends to help me eat them.

    Have a great week!

  2. Thanks, Ron. In the infamous words of Cookie Monster, "C is for cookie, that's good enough for me".