Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sunday Evening Post

Wrap it up.
I'll take it.
The week in pictures.

Healthy collard greens,
not greasy like Grandmom liked 'em.

Who wears short shorts?
That dude on the far left.

"Jen, I hear you callin' 
But I can't come home right now 
Me and the girls are playin' 
And we just can't find the sound 
Just a few more hours 
And I'll be right home to you 
I think I hear them callin' 
Oh, Jen what can I do 
Jen what can I do"
-Lyrics to Beth by Kiss
(tweaked for the occasion). 

Old fashioned tree climbing-
It is still good, clean fun.

I got hooked up with free Monday coffee for six weeks straight.
I am a walking party.

My son worked backstage for the school play and we got to check out his work at the night show.  The running joke was, "Hey, I can't wait to go to your play and not see you up on stage."

Just like Pop-Pop used to have.  They are back, but no longer made in Philly.

My wife wanted to know what these stickers did for a car's resale value.
My answer was,
not much.

Fresh, homemade, whole wheat crust potato, garlic, mushroom, and spinach pizza.

Sick kid.  I guess the flu
flew back around.

Parmesan rosemary fries.

In celebration of the one hundredth day of school, pre-schoolers were asked what they would buy if they had one hundred dollars.  A candy-pooping unicorn would indeed be a wise investment.

I hate to sound snobbish, but there is one thing I do not want to see in the public restroom of a restaurant and that is a plush couch next to the toilet.

O.K.  There are actually two things I do not want to find, the first being the aforementioned couch, the second is this picture.

It was all forgotten over a root beer float dessert.

Roasted squash and ginger curried lentils.

See you next week.


  1. I never was into tree climbing. My brother John was. Fell out of a tree when he was ten years old and broke his arm in three places. Didn't set right and the doctor had to break it again. Be careful with Junior there. Just saying. :)

  2. Parmesan rosemary fries,damn they look good. Never had them but I will have to try those babies.

    1. Ron- My wife says the fries are fantastic, but I stray from parmesan ever since my Mom served it on pork chops one night.