Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sunday Evening Post

What the Dilly-o?
Old Man Winter crept back when I wasn't looking.
Thankfully, the week was extra spicy!

My brother sent me this photo of a Franco Harris statue from Pittsburgh.
I got hooked up with some original art.
Thanks, Ty!

I am hoping in ten years time I will be that guy on the far left.

I decided to get a head start with this fried oyster po' boy down in Milton.

Annual Dodge Ball Tourney for the Special Olympics.

Hail Hydra!
I saw this comic-related tattoo there.

Hey, do you have fish?

Best shoes I saw all week.


Chorus concert.  
Handsome cat.

A boy and his Ama.

Only one beer!!!!

Zumba Bachelorette 

Huck Finn floated past my house on a raft the other day.

D's Bridal Shower followed an Alice in Wonderland theme.

Flowers and pinwheels were constructed from the pages of the book, handmade by Nowhere to Land.

Macaroons by Mageline's Confiserie.

Cupcakes by The Cake Fairy.
Nice looking tea party.

See you next week.


  1. two things:
    1) my cousin participated in the dodgeball tourney, representing for the Ellendale FD
    2) Alice must be all the rage considering i just completed the set and costumes for the local school rendition of the play

  2. Justin Wilson, one of the most enjoyable cooking shows ever. My dad loved his show. And again I am reminded that I must go back to Po Boys in Milton. I had a chance last week with guests in from Chicago and Phoenix and I passed and went to Miltonian Wings - big mistake. I hope they come back so I can make amends.

    Have a great week!