Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sunday Evening Post

This week is a twofer...
but only because we were too lazy to post last weekend.  We take our day of rest seriously.  Sometimes.

My brother-in-law, enjoying and lamenting the same moment of parenthood.

E found the afikomen! (Go look it up in the dictionary.)

 Within a three day span, I managed to break my hand and have a severe allergic reaction to my allergy shots.  Must be making up for the past 20 injury-free years.

 Who knew the local hardware store could be so...entertaining.  The machetes are in the "Recreation" aisle.  Right next to the American Flags.  Which are immediately above the nose hair trimmers.  They're directly across from the surgical tools.  Wait, surgical tools?

Found object at the cemetery.

 Lox, eggs and onions.  The breakfast of Jewish champions.

           Cash in cash.  Dali in bloom.

Good friends recently found out that they're pregnant; we couldn't be more excited for them! Think their dog is jealous already, though.  SOMEONE is looking for attention.

On to the next holiday.  E found Easter eggs, too! 

Ironically, my wife got this card on Easter.

My wife and son spent a day in Baltimore, visiting her sister and nephew.  First stop was swim lessons, then it was on to Duck Pin Bowling.  My kid was the big winner...$5 in an arcade game won him a $100 Visa card.  Yes, he's already spent it (says it was worth every penny!).  After playing, it was back home for dinner and dessert, which E devoured in a single mouthful.

 They also went to NYC with friends, where they don't seem to have done much besides eat and walk.  Oh, and take a trip to the MTA to retrieve a lost iPod that had actually been turned in.  Pretty cool stuff.

There are some things you never get too old for.  Maybe too big, but never too old.

Hands off.  Forearms on.

See you next week.

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