Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sunday Evening Post

Let's do this.
The week in photos.

My son leaves himself reminder notes around the house.  They sometimes leave me scratching my head.

1.5 tons of gravel later....
The great thing about having a truck is that everyone calls you to help with manual labor and you usually get paid in food and beer.

This shot is from a garden center up in Pennsylvania called Terrain.  Great place with fantastic ideas, but their prices are way out of my league.

The day after I was there, the head on my yard rake broke off and I told my wife that they were selling them up at Terrain as key holders for fifty bucks.  She hung ours and here is the result.  

Shadow dance party courtesy of the gang from Madison, Wisconsin.

Sniping out groundhogs with my trusty Red Rider BB gun.
I shot one and it barely flinched as it continued to eat my lawn.

Homemade Tortillas.

Spiderman boots, plastic trumpet, pot and spoon.  What else do you really need?

I can't spell it, but it sure tastes good.

Doing the Cheryl Tieg pose before dance class.

Personalized ring made from binder reinforcers.

Congrats to E, who will soon obtain her masters from U of P.
Last I checked, that there is the Ivy League.
Pinkies pointed up!

Why couldn't the Buddha vacuum in the corners?
Because he had no attachments.

L took first communion and we had a swinging time at the after-party.

I found one of my Grandmother's old dog collars with her name on it, so we decided to display it on a beagle silhouette.  Beagles were her favorites.

My favorite story of the week is this: Our friend is turning fifty and received this cool B-Day card.  However, when she opened it...

it turned out to be a reminder, courtesy of the Lt. Governor, to make certain she schedules a colorectal cancer screening.
Major let-down.

These pics are pretty grand. 

Fancy Pants honey tea latte.

See you next week.

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  1. Cool use for a broken rake head. I'll make believe I didn't see that picture of you shooting a groundhog. Hmmmm.

    Have a great week!

    Retired in Delaware