Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sunday Evening Post

The week documented by two cell phones.

Now this is a coffee chair.
Strictly business.

Stopped by a good friend's house and checked to see how his garden design is coming along.  Give it another year and you'll be seeing it in Martha Stewart Living Magazine.

April means baseball so I blew off work to check out the Wilmington Blue Rocks be victorious over the Caroline Mud Cats.  This young player fell for the old "dixie cup stuck on your cap" trick.   

Paid respects to the Godfather of Soul at the Agrilla Brewing Company just outside of the city.

Partook of the Farmhouse Ale.
Very good.
Agrilla touts itself as the smallest brewery in Delaware.
Sometimes less is better.

All you have to say is "free" and I am there with about fifty of my best moocher friends.

  A Delawarean touring the Gulf Coast sent me this photo of the local bus service down there.  "SCAT" just doesn't resonate warm and inviting.

Someone was lucky enough to get a picture of my wife holding wood.  A rarity indeed.

All these luscious locks were donated by a friend of my wife to "Locks of Love", which benefits financially disadvantaged kids who lose their hair due to illness.

Don't forget, young ones-
The brighter your kicks, the faster you run.

So, my wife googled what shrimp smells like when it goes bad and the first thing to pop up is
"Foul Vaginal Smell."
Now the side ads are stuck on feminine products.

Congratulations to my father-in-law who celebrated his retirement this week!
Throw away those pens in your pocket and replace them with stogies.
Here he is with his work wife and other fellow 9 to 5'ers.

My wife found the metal picture frame she made him in Middle School.  Still looks good, but I think she should pony up for a new present.  To paraphrase Joe Biden, retirement is a big F'n deal.

Now there is a retirement gift! A cream doughnut sent all the way from McMillan's Bakery in Jersey.

Yoga books from the seventies just don't translate well into the 21st century.

A brand new human being!  Congratulations, 
Be Be!

A kid sneaking a peek under the changing room door.

 A blast from the past blew back into town for a visit and rejuvenated everyone's battery for spring mode.
Nice work, Lisa!

See you next week.

Take it away, James.

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