Sunday, May 26, 2013

Sunday Evening Post

The week dealt us some lemons,
so we decided to make strawberry shortcake
(It ain't hot enough for lemonade, yet).

As a member of the Dollar Shave Club, I received some complimentary Dr. Carver's Shave Butter through the mail.  I sent a photo to my main squeeze to get her stamp of approval.

Big G only catches big fish.  If they are any smaller than he is, he throws 'em back.

The little things in life are what makes me the happiest.  
Now that it is officially grilling time, I needed a rack for my BBQ accoutrements.
My wife took a recycled deck railing, spray-painted it, and voilá.
It even has can holders!

Mom had a hospital stay, so my nephew went to work on some awesome get well presentations.  Here is his sketch of the dogs waiting dutifully by the door while the cat drinks water from a toilet (typical anti-social feline behavior).  Everyone anticipates Amma's return, but my brother is drawn with golf club in hand, so he can multi-task and work on his chips while he waits.

Sometimes, though, the direct and honest approach is best.  Thankfully,his voodoo worked, because Amma is back home resting.

Us comic nerds stick together at work.
Here is a pic shared with me from a co-worker's son, who copied the cover of a 1986 comic book.
I read it as "An Alarm"!
He read it as "Anal Arm Waste"!
Either way, it sounds dangerous.

I finally feel like I have the yard under control.  Here are two mutts enjoying my hard work.

MW came up for a caption of this back road scene:
"This guy's sleep number must be 25."
Not too shabby.  

Olivia Newtown John would be proud of this young one going all 1980s retro and gettin' physical.

While visiting at the hospital, we saw some great artwork from local kids celebrating 
"Nurses in Action".
Nurse pushing a boy in wheelchair.
Very nice.
Nurse and a sick baby.
Good one.
My personal favorite:
Nurse killing a spider.
I love it when a person takes their job to the next level.

Check out the monkey business that went on in Ghana this week!
(Get it?  It's because she is holding a monkey.
And she's in Ghana).

State law says you can't drive while texting or using your cell phone, but cruising around with two giant dogs in your lap is totally legal.

OK.  I was doing yard work, put my machete down on the back of the car, and forgot about it.  My wife then drove to the hospital and found it after her hour long visit with my Mom.
My question is:
What knucklehead doesn't check the back of their car for machetes before they leave the house?  Sheeesh.

Heck yeah.
Mustache Cash-Stache!!!!

I came to get down.
I came to get down.
So get off your feet
and jump around.

See you next week.


  1. That must be some back yard you have that needs a machete. Watch out for those baby bunnies when you're swinging that blade.

    Have a great week!
    Retired in Delaware

  2. Haven't seen rabbits around these parts in a good while. Maybe the groundhogs flushed them out.