Sunday, June 2, 2013

Sunday Evening Post

Race Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!
The Monster Mile has nothing on the
week in pictures.

Monday started right with guests who like to sit by the fire and strum banjo.

Here is E on Port Isobel trying to catch a few crabs for dinner.

I know it looks like an eagle is perched on his head, but that is just a sticker behind him.

I remember the days when we would do shots of tequila.  Now that we are all older, whipped cream seems to do the same job.

Grilled shrimp fajitas, homemade tortillas, and black beans.

Good guests leave a thank-you note.
Great guests leave a pound of Zeke's coffee
(Green Onion Blend, no less).

Here is a young scholar graduating and moving on to the next level,
Firstus Gradeus Emitorius.

Two of the most handsome men I know somehow found one another at a Pirates game in Pittsburgh:
John B and Manny Sanguillen.
Bucs won, by the way.

This outfit was worn by my son's school principal on a field trip.  It was deemed so bad that I would only include a photo of it if his face was not shown, to protect him from future ridicule.

The old "then-and-now" photo.
On the left, M is six and on the right, eleven.

They don't call it the waiting room for nothing.  Finding any way to pass the time, including self-portraits in security mirrors.

Seems like most pupils are studying ballet while one certain young lady does some independent study in slam-dance.

We planted 20 Russian Sage plants up front and 23 wild grasses.
I hope by next year it looks like a wild safari hunting reserve.

The chocolate cream puff from La Dolce got a little too excited on the first bite.

Night shot of the wife and I enjoying the warmer weather.  Fire up the tiki torches!

Mom and Dad overseeing grandkids at the pool.

This week's song is for a vey large man who is hanging out with his dog Thunder in a very small kiddie pool, drinking a Blue Moon beer.

See you next week.


  1. Russian sage, one of my favorite border plants. Minimal care, takes the heat and ethereal. That pool looks mighty fine. Still on my Bucket List. Probably be there after I'm gone too. Have a great week!