Sunday, July 28, 2013

Saturday Evening Post

Summer heat has brought out a lot of critters this week, so the Sunday Evening Post is dedicated to gettin' some live action a la
Turtle Man.

 There is a real turtle in that shell, I promise.

BP got some live action with one of the most dangerous animals of all- a retired professional wrestler!
Old Sgt. Slaughter still looks pretty good.
Here he is back when he was just a toy.

I saw this bad boy down at the Delaware State Fair (not on display, but outside next to the highway).  It is a Grant's rhinoceros beetle and is the largest beetle in America.
And that, my friends, is...

I took a snap shot of this poster at the comic shop, because I am a big fan of the goat.  Little did I know that the next day I would run into the real thing.
Now go make me some cheese!

Party Dog.

Not to be outdone, we here in Kent County have our very own Deer Man, seen here in a rare photo gettin' some dead deer action.

Little Gary's Tattooing business ads seen on display at the best BBQ place in Dover,
Meat Mechanics.  It is the bomb.

Bunch of Little Leaguers way out west.  
(Word on the street is that Fleaka is juicing).
Told you.

This is one of those pics that are super cute now, but will cause nothing but embarrassment sixteen years later.

Beach Boy.

Looks like cell phone lights won't be necessary for a few weeks.  Everyone will just be using their fingernails.

The Pee-Rats Brigade stormed into DC to watch the Bucs lose in one interesting ball game.
Both coaches got ejected, 3 fielding errors in the first inning, a four-run rally in the ninth, and a walk-off home run by Washington's Bryce Harper.
My father-in-law rolled into Nats stadium donning a Phillies cap. 
 Now that takes guts.

All the ladies look real sharp in this photo, but the one that really stands out is thumb
(Bottom right).
Ooh la la.

See you next week and enjoy my Son's new favorite song.


  1. I only hope that people are too busy to log onto your blog! He will never make it as a civilian! Don't quit your day job!

  2. You know when I'm nervous my thumb manages to get in the photo too. Just saying.

    Have a great week!