Sunday, July 7, 2013

The Sunday Evening Post

Plenty afoot this week in the First State.
Don't believe me?
See for yourself.

That snake in the grass quickly became the snake in the tree.  It was all of four feet long.
(Think about that next time you are drinking a beer and swinging in your hammock under a shade tree).

I had the best Cobb salad ever at Arena's in Rehoboth.

And I can never eat a Cobb salad without thinking about my favorite boxer/actor-
Randall "Tex" Cobb.

The spoons were digitally placed in the photo.

A stack of care packages for the young ones at summer camp.

Oh, wow.
Did someone actually allow these two to handle heavy and deadly blunt objects?
For shame.

Mom's quick surgical recovery is due in large part to her guide dog, Doodah.
She is living the...

Weather has forced the local youth into the depths of the pool.

"Take your hat off, boy, when your talking to me."
Be careful of splinters.

Good things are coming from Temple these days.
Go Owls.

We feasted on kick arse seafood in the far east-
JP's on the Wharf, Bowers Beach.

As you can see, my son is at that awkward age where his mustache is too thick not to notice, but not thick enough to shave.

Outback E and Outback T making waves at a natural swimmin' hole near Baltimore.


My son went off with his grandparents to start summer camp.  Looks like the spoiling started early with a 3/4 pound D.C. doughnut.

I got the chance to shake this young man's hand before he jumped a burning bus on his trusty scooter.

The big news of the week came from our friend Ron over at the blog "Retired in Delaware."
Ron and Bill have been together for 49 years and were finally able to get legally married after Delaware enacted marriage equality laws.
Congrats, Ron and Bill!

See you next week.


  1. Thank you for the recognition Colby. I am honored to appear in your weekly post.


  2. Our pleasure, Ron. We have enjoyed reading about you and what is going on down in Sussex for the past few years.