Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sunday Evening Post

Mom is back home, resting, and healing faster than Wolverine of the X-Men.
Meanwhile, time marches on.

Cool old lighter found by a coworker down in Milton, DE.

A lifetime friend left me a message on Facebook advising me to enjoy Pittsburgh's first place standings because it probably wouldn't last.  I sent him back this pic of my Buc's tattoo to affirm my lifetime allegiance.  Notice how it even rises above Elvis's "TCB in a flash".

Speaking of Elvis, check out the gourmet chicken and waffles served up with a side of pickled peach down at Abbott's Grill-
now that is King worthy.

Pontificating during our weekly father-son Sunday jaunt.  We call it "Adventure Time".

My son caught this action shot of a fleeing rabbit over at the Adkins Aboretum.  Very neat place with native plants and over five miles of walking trails.

Proud new Aunt up in New Jersey.
Mazel Tov!

Giant asphalt picnic with thousands of my favorite people.

Flying get-well balloons.

Crazy fat baby legs hanging at the beach.

Funland, Rehoboth Beach,
E and M

As dorky as this looks, it was totally unplanned and coincidental to show up in the same bathing suit.   

My Son is now enamored with trading cards and I was nonplussed about the whole thing until he showed me this one-
Pops Stargell getting ready to put some chicken on the hill with Will!

Polaroid app-

The big event of the week was when local police inundated our neighborhood after a man barricaded himself in a house and wouldn't come out.  Two days later, this van was parked out front to clean up.
Very clever name.

So much rain this summer that I couldn't stop singing Oran Juice.
Here is his domestic violence rant at the end of the song.  Enjoy.

See you next week.


  1. "Aftermath", I love it! So many uses from divorce to cleaning up a crime scene. "Giant asphalt picnic." We were caught in this at noon on Saturday after returned from Dover from buying Bill's wedding ring. What were we thinking? Have a great week! :)

  2. Thanks, Ron. I hope the wedding plans are going well. We slithered down back roads yesterday to take my son to Jungle Jim's. Traffic looked pretty brutal in your neck of the woods.

  3. This is the "most brutal" I've ever seen the traffic this year. My neighbors had to turn around from even entering Cape Henlopen State Park, the lines were backed up. Later I heard they closed any more traffic from entering the park. Same with Rehoboth Beach. What roads did you slither to take your son to Jungle JIm's, Plantation Road? Rt. 24 is pretty awful too this time of year. Good for business though. And that is our business down here, keeps our taxes low for which I am grateful.