Monday, August 19, 2013

Monday Night Football Post

I know it ain't football season yet, but I had to rope in some customers.
One day late late.
One dollar short.
Here are the pics from last week.

At least I can't be sued for false advertising.  A little football goes a long way.

A watermelon bus.
I was lucky enough to be in Laurel, DE and drove by the mega watermelon distribution center.  This is how they get transported - a school bus with the top cut off.  Talk about a chick magnet.

 Crazy baby bird hanging in my yard.
He looks like a jazz fan.

This is one of those times when you see something and it takes you a few seconds until you stop and ask yourself, "What the hell was that?"
This guy was getting a henna tramp stamp in Rehoboth Beach.
His buddy in the background was laughing hysterically and giving us the thumbs up to take this photo.
Me thinks someone lost a bet.
Good sport, though.

I always try to stay on the other side of the cell phone lens, but I could not resist having my photo taken with this wooden gentleman at Busch Gardens.  My son did a wonderful job capturing my inner soul.
I am Pinnochio.

After their first parenting class, this young couple celebrated with Krispy Kereme.
I says "Grade: A plus-plus."

Catching lobsters while scuba diving:
Does it get better?
(I guess butter would up the ante).

So it turns out European Fanta has actual orange juice in it as opposed to its American cousin that sports (probably) corn syrup.
How do I know this?
I learned it via J's cousin as she toured through Prague and Paris and parts thereof partaking in her favorite beverage whenever possible.

Please note:
Fanta should not be confused with Faygo, drink of choice of Juggalos, fans of Insane Clown Posse.

I love Kent County,DE.
I guarantee this stuff was gone by the end of the day.
Great advertising goes a long way.

Speaking of Kent County, my wife travelled to a very similar place:
New York City.
Here is a shot from the inside of Momofuku, David Chang's restaurant.

J described this shrimp cake as "the world's best Filet O'Fish sandwich on crack."
(She should get a job as a food critic.)
The famous ramen dish.

An old friend of J's, who she has not seen in a while, sent this shot of herself so J would recognize her when they met up in NYC.
Here is the reply pic from J, who had her nose plugged with gum to keep elevator stank at bay.
Turns out they were not very accurate.

 Bryant Park, Manhattan.

True, but it can also unfetter your bonds as well.

New York pizza.

Now you are talking my language.
A cup of coffee, the New York Times, and about eight hours to kill.

My favorite from the week was a (pseudo) complaint via FB wanting to know why the Sunday Evening Post was not up as usual.

Sorry for the day delay, but as you can see, we were busy.
Have a fantastic week and peace be with thee.


  1. I love the advertising for the free "stuff"in Kent County. Someone knows his/her advertising. Your Sunday Evening Posts always make me smile and feel good about folks. Thanks for your consistency. Always on the lookout for that interesting slice of life in Delaware.

  2. Thanks, Ron. If you promise to keep us posted on Sussex, we'll let you know what is going on here in Kent.

  3. wow.... what a blog its very interesting...........thanks for sharing..........