Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sunday Evening Post

School starts tomorrow, so these pics represent the last "official" week of summer vacation.

I spotted Ace Frehley on the north side of Dover.
He got me into a New York Groove.

Leaving tips just got fun.
My dollar went to "Better off Dead" because of Johnny the Paperboy
(Never bet against Johnny).

Fresh school supplies.
Smell that paper.

There is always that one guy that wears a tie to a casual affair and makes you feel cheesy.
Way to go, kid.

Saw a neat book that writes the original Star Wars film as a play by Shakespeare.
Where was this kind of stuff when I was a young one?  All I had to read were old obituaries that my neighbor used to wrap catfish.

The tallest Lego structure ever was recently erected here in the First State.
All that is missing is a Lego King Kong climbing up the side.
It took me all summer, but I finally got the lawn just the way I want it.
I kid with you.
This is actually Longwood Gardens, where J met up with her cousins.

Chat time.

Thank you note from Sam, who recently returned from Korea.
Here is a shot courtesy of J's friend in Ghana...US soldiers posed with an African student during a school supply drive.

We surprised M with an early morning trip to Go Ape at Lum's Pond.

Here he is sporting a Duck Dynasty beard.

New plants in the windowsill.

Check out the mutant Dum-Dum lollipop from the allergist's office.  As a cigar smoker, I can appreciate a shorter sucker from time to time.

We found a great vacant parking lot nearby to park lawn chairs, eat ice cream, drink cider, listen to the Dead, and watch the sunset.
This is a Hillbilly Playmate cooler. 

My son and I spent some time on the paddle board, wringing out as much as possible of the last day before classes begin.

See you next week.


  1. My cousin, who tied the knot this weekend, considered changing his honeymoon destination to Wilmington to spend the week beneath the grandeur of the Lego tower. And ironically, my nephew and brother-in-law are returning from Ghana after a 10 day stay.

  2. I rarely get through one of your Sunday posts without a LOL. This on was no exception. The mutant Dum-Dum was the culprit this time, You devil.

    Have a great week!


  3. Sonya- Weird coincidences! That is what makes Delaware so great.

    Ron-Glad to hear we are putting smiles on faces. Thanks!