Sunday, November 10, 2013

Sunday Evening Post

 There is a dire need around here for a therapy session.
Here it is.
The week in Pics.

Found this guy on a stroll around the ballpark with my son.  The mask must keep his face warm, but bare-chested in this weather?

My friend from the left coast sent this photo to me around 6:00 AM after getting back to his hotel room in Vegas.  Looks like he and Lucky the Horse did pretty well.

Had a good time watching the CR vs. Tatnall field hockey game with my friend. His daughter played well, but alas, CR lost.
Beautiful weather, though.

If I had a dog like Mr. Fuzz, I'd proudly  display him on my car, too.
Front license plate in front of hospital.

Doodah slumber.
Definitely not license plate material.

Mom's B-day cake.
Only have two more hours until we are digging into it.

I was informed that this is a poop pucker, but I would like to think that he whistles while he works it.

A photo of a pet hedgehog named Pongo.  I imagine the cool thing about having one is you can take it in the shower and use it to wash your back.

Oragami heart at my Son's chorus show.

Here is a heap of them at the base of the flag in honor of local military and for those that served.  All of the hearts were handmade by students.

Japanese burger wrapper so no one can see that you are chewing food.
I need one to hide me when I lick bowls.

Don't show my Mom this, but this is her birthday present.  We took her aunt's old paper dolls and had them framed.
Bossa Nova!

Nothing like the feeling of pride when you get to grind your new home's basement
(That is the key in giving it the new home smell).

Another marriage announcement from some young family members!
Mazel Tov, D and A!

If you have Hulu, check out "Behind the Mask".
Great show about life as a mascot.
Here is a shot of the Oregon Duck thanks to a friend who is visiting family out there.

Here is a shot of family court side.
How cool is that?

Two things in my life have cracks now.
My ass and my phone.
It reminds me of the Hanson Brothers from Slapshot:
"It makes it look meaner".

A good friend of mine once said that if life presents obstacles, the first thing you need to do is buy some new shoes.
Here they be.
He was right.  I feel a little more pep in my step.

See you next week.


  1. "Two things in my life have cracks now.
    My ass and my phone."
    Your posts never fail to bring a smile (sometimes very wide) to my face. Mazel tov!

  2. Thanks, Ron. It was one of those weeks when smiles were in desperate need. Thanks for staying connected and sharing.