Sunday, November 3, 2013

Sunday Evening Post

 We fell back through time 60 minutes.
Tell future me how the week in pictures turned out.

It seems long ago, but it was actually this week.  D had his birthday and invited us to his bash.  We had his first legal drink with him.
Happy B, D!

Speaking of legal drinking, here is a shot of the college tailgating area down at the 2013 Punkin Chunkin. 
 Flannel is in.  

Remember this:
There is not a party you can not crash as long as you bring pizza.

If you don't have a good pizza joint around you, make your own.  
You can even roll them up.

With fall comes ice hockey and with all sports comes injuries.
Here is L getting checked out after a fall on the rink.
(I wish I could look all cool like that at the doctor's office).

It is time to see the parade of Halloween costumes.
Bring them on!

Well played.  Duck Dynasty and a smiling piglet.
(Sort of weird that the other brother went as a hanging light (top right) but his costume looks really authentic.

Pirate and parrot.

I have no clue what is going on here, but a love it!
A baby chick and witch look on trepidatiously at an immobile unmasked Batman.
It will take me weeks to decipher the psychology behind it.

Out and out bizarre.

Purple fairy with golden locks.
I can dig it.

All the way from Ghana comes a white cookie monster-like, benevolent organism.
(I like the fact that no one else in the street seems to notice or care).

Of course, it has Jersey plates, so it could actually be real.

Nice job, people.
Can't wait til next year.

 When did computers get all sarcastic?
Is this the beginning of the takeover?

My wife made me a ham and spinach fritata just because I asked her.
I feel loved.

The Sunday Family Dessert.
Homemade slab apple pie.

Morning time and the ducks are in the air.

See you next week.

Rest in Peace.

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