Sunday, January 5, 2014

Sunday Evening Post

That was the longest short week I can remember.
Happy New Year!
If anyone sees 2013 out and about, give it a swift kick in the pants.
The week in pics.

This little lady experienced her very first subway ride.  

Winter break from school was a little too long.  There is such a thing as having too much fun.
Get back to class.

Our younger New Year's Eve Party hosts went all out by greeting us with a personally designed sign.  The theme was "Seaside Bay."
This guy was there with no pants.

This guy had pants, but wore a false mustache.

We learned about Paco's Taco Stroker
(I think we learned a little too much).

Volunteer dogs at my Mom's chemotherapy treatment.  It is amazing how much compassion and love people are willing to hand out to strangers.

Star Wars Nativity scene spotted in Philadelphia.

Yoga-ing in the New Year.

Happy 6th, crazy woman and thank you for inviting us to the get-together!

The last piece of cake baked by my Son.

 Pretty decent haircut, ladies, but I think you took too much off of the top.  I guess that's what hats are for.

The momentous after-Christmas Italian family dinner.  
Big-time score and by far the best meal of the year.

Check out the homemade cookies!  It is impossible not to try them all.

The big reveal is that E is preggers!
Here she is showing off the bun in the oven.

See you next week.


  1. I love therapy dogs! A hidden asset too long overlooked. I'm glad those in charge are finally "getting it."
    I wish you and your family the very best this new year.

  2. Thanks, Ron. My Mom is getting a French Bulldog pup this week, so she'll have some in-house therapy.
    Have a great week.

    1. Colby,
      There is absolutely no better therapy than a pet. My Mom had her calico cat, Miss Martha, who always kept her company during her final year. Mom called her "my hot water bottle" because of the way Miss Martha always used to snuggle up to here in bed, which was where my Mother was most of the day. Coincidentally (or not), Miss Martha died less than a year after my Mother died. I like to think they're together now, Miss Martha keeping my Mother warm.