Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sunday Evening Post

One of the fringe benefits of my office is the make-shift barbershop that breaks out at a moment's notice.  You even get that special touch of Gold Bond Body Powder slapped on the back of your neck with a paint brush.
Now that is classy.

My coconut curry lentils came out way better than I expected, so I had to scribble down the recipe after the fact.

 Thank you, Cousin H, for transferring old 1960s family slides into some fantastic prints!
Here are Chester and Martha, my Grandparents.

My parents - Dave and Susan.
Still going strong.

My Grandmom wore this homemade Pirates dress to a 1971 World Series game in Baltimore and everyone who saw her thought that she was the Buccos team owner
(she never corrected them).

I am thinking about calling the SPCA about the horrible living conditions that this little puppy is subjected to.
It just makes me want to cry.

Impromptu Trick-or-Treat session.
Looks like the Hamburglar and Fire Marshall Bill.

My wife got a well deserved battery recharge session in NYC with a good friend.
A foodie to the core, most pics brought home are of the culinary type.

Fresh grilled squid
(I always save the last one and use the ink from it to sign my check).

Barney Greengrass, a Jewish Deli.

She sent me this photo and typed
"Jew Heaven."
She can get away with that stuff.

She brought back whitefish.
It lasted about 5 minutes.

This guy has the right idea, bundling up.
Very cold week.

If you are familiar with morse code, you can clearly read the message these birds wrote out with their feet-
"Hey, jackass.  Go fill the feeder."

The family slipped into a local open mic night and saw this gentleman kick out the jams-

See you next week!


  1. Thank you for spelling open "mic" correctly!

  2. Wonderful Sixties photos! Love the hairdos! The Sixties Style, very cool. I've noticed that there is usually a good theme in your Sunday postings. I'm always hungry after viewing your photos, expect maybe the squid.
    Have a great week!

    1. I like the thin ties and the fact that they all got dressed nicely for Christmas dinner. Good times.