Sunday, April 27, 2014

The Sunday Evening Post

The past two weeks have been the most challenging and rewarding of our lives.
We are humbled by the support of friends and family who supplied us with the moments in between.  Here are but a few.

Photo from my son's excursion to the Baltimore Aquarium with his grandparents and cousin.

M spent a few days in Chincoteague with his aunt and cousin.  Here they are getting the official pre-trip measure up.  It's not really fair.
He's in high heels.

First and second places received marshmallow peep easter shiskabobs...

...while third place got a sloppy kiss from Wesley the beagle.
(I believe the collar is for better stereo reception.)

The traditional bonk on the head with the Seder dish was a little harder than expected.

The upside-down Honor Roll photo has become tradition and reminds me of the below Far Side every time.

Cousins on spring break.

we have a huge problem.
NASA's launch area in Wallop's Island.

The Liberty and Independence Blog has officially endorsed Jessica Marelli as its choice for the Caesar Rodney School Board
(Not certain if that endorsement will help or harm.  Polls and pie charts to follow). 

Voluntary pillow fight!

Involuntary pillow fight!

Looks like the Easter Bunny doled out some candy and treats.  

Meanwhile, M busied himself on a Frankenstein sized Chocolate Chip cookie Easter Egg.  He did the decorating all on his own!

I am slowly training Frita to sniff out truffles.  So far, all she has retrieved is a button, two dimes, and some belly button lint.

Everyone knows that cupcakes are used to clear the palette when eating ice cream.
It's gourmet eating 101.

The Mystery Workout of the Day courtesy of Crossfit Sweat Angel.

They would have gotten away with it too, if it wasn't for those meddlesome kids.

After the 100th time of telling my son to put his sneakers away, I created a new ploy to obtain obedience.  I throw them outside. I only had to do it twice.

These three are the aspiring film makers responsible for a string of independent films about the tumultuous times of "Naked Barbie."
Looks like scenes and sets have gone high-tech.

The note did not work.  It took me only three days to plow through the sunflower seed butter.
To keep me from buying anymore, I have agreed to let my wife go on a 500 dollar shopping spree if she catches me eating any.

I picked a bunch of dandelion greens and saut├ęd them with tangerines and balsamic vinegar. 
Not bad.

Please keep Mom in your thoughts and prayers and thank you all for your support.

See you next week.


  1. Colby,
    You and your family are in my thoughts at this difficult time. Even in these trying times you made me laugh out loud (LOL) again with the Far Side picture. Oh how I loved Gary Larson. Did anyone ever replace him? Thank you for yet another wonderful uplifting Sunday Evening Post!

    1. Thanks, Ron. It has been tough of late to check out what is going on down South, but I read your recent posts about the traveling Democrat and the tent caterpillars. I know it sounds barbaric, but to get rid of them, Grandmom would let them afire. Good luck.

    2. Colby,
      Two years ago I went through a similar situation with my Mother. It is not easy. You and your family are in my thoughts. Your Mom is so fortunate to have her loving family around her.