Sunday, April 13, 2014

Sunday Evening Post

That is the number of page views this blog has received.
Spreading the love, one computer at a time.
Here are the moments of the week.

Kudos to my brother for making the wall at Meat Mechanics with his Facebook review.  He  received two free pork tacos and got Doc Ellis's mug posted in public.
Well played, Sir.

Red beans and rice with fried eggs on top.
Eat this for breakfast and then carry your car to work.

Obligatory Frita shot.

Turns out the Grandmother of my wife's good friend is the roommate of the lady who received the "visit".  
I could be wrong, but I'm fairly certain it was covered by the Affordable Care Act.

When did MC Ice-T start writing greeting cards?  I don''t really care, I'm just glad to see he's back.

The April GQ cover.

My man looks like he is waiting for the other shoe to fall.
He just ain't buying what she is selling.

Cute picture until you realize that his head is stuck.  I think they ended up putting a ski cap to protect his ears and squeezed him back through.

 Looks like the Ragin' Asian Cajun made it back to N'Awlins to recharge his super powers.  That is all well and good, but should he share them with his young one?
As Uncle Ben wisely told Peter Parker,
"With great power comes great responsibility."

Way to go, Chase!
Kudos for being the lead in "Shrek, the Musical."

What are you talking about?
That hard stick of pink gum is as fresh today as it was when they packaged it thirty years ago!

This is what you end up with when you ask us to pose for photos.  We only take live action seriously, people.

When I see this, all I can think about is that Led Zeppelin's song "Black Dog" went on a really bad trip.

So far, things are looking good for Delaware this season.  I just received news that they obtained Phae, their first round draft pick from the Canadian League.  This could be the boost they so desperately needed.
Although this newscaster is not privy to know why, he is being told that her DE nickname is  "Jay."

My pole shed after a spring cleaning.  It is amazing what junk you can get rid of when you put a "Free" sign on it at the end of the road.

Here is a pic of a lovely young lady celebrating her first wedding anniversary.  She and her husband decided to take a go-cart ride prior to the evening meal, and unfortunately, it made her super nauseous.  A photo of her after the ride does exist, but as head editor of this blog, I made the decision to omit it.  It is important for me to see life through rose-color glasses right now.
Happy Anniversary to D and D.  May there be many more.

Riesling and sunshine, viewed by her.
Corona and my sunshine, viewed by me.

On her way to Paris via Germany, Jen took a shot of this Ausfahrt road sign and felt it was crucial for my wife to know the proper pronunciation. She knows my wife well.  

Mr. Ice Cream Man blew passed me on my drive home.  It was my first indicator that warm wether is coming.

Here was my second.  The very first watermelon of the season.
(My neuroses needs me to divulge that the white bread was requested by my Dad.  It's not for me).

See you next week.

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  1. "Watcha talkin 'bout Willis!" is very appropriate for this week's Sunday post. By the way, who was that young man standing with you? That surely wasn't your son? Seems like yesterday he was just a little boy. Looking forward to the First Date pictures. I think I had my first (arranged) date around his age (12). Have a great week!