Sunday, May 11, 2014

Sunday Evening Post

Loosen up your joints and stretch out the core region, because here comes the pics from the week(s).

My wife thought I looked pretty stupid wearing a plastic bag around my head so I wouldn't get wet in the rain, but I think I look like Peter O'Toole in "Lawrence of Arabia."

"Fraunt" is a good friend that is more like a member of the family.
Here is a doctored shirt to express it.  Don't steal it; my wife and her friends are thinking of Trademarking it.

Doing our part to support Jessica Marelli for the CR School Board election.  Don't forget to vote on May 13th!

A shot of some manly men who like their beer cold and their baseball gritty.

Someone put a little lipstick on General Jackson, and I declare, it suits him nicely.

This is a wonderful family shot of a father and his two daughters.
However, if it wasn't for our top-notch editors...
...the focal point could have been Wesley the dog taking care of business.

The written word is a mighty rapier.

First strawberry shortcake. Of the year.

Action shot of Frita.

It is that time of of the year.
Bring out the Grads!

This young man learned the most valuable lesson of all.
No matter what life throws your way,
hang loose.

Mom had a thing for rainbows.  My wife stopped by the cemetery yesterday, her first visit since Mom's funeral.  As she was preparing to leave, she turned away from the gravesite and was greeted with this sight.  Everything's gonna be alright.

My lady sustained a cigarette burn from a passerby in Rehoboth Beach.  She's pissed.

This would be a romantic picture of one of our favorite couples visiting Paris, but that TV antennae in the background kind of messed up the shot.
C'est la vie.

A fitting Ultimate Warrior tribute.
Thanks, E!

That'll put some hair on your chest
(if not a hockey puck through your teeth).

Spiritual conversation betwixt my bro and I. 

Four seedy guys meet up in a seedy bar.

Cool menus.

I took a trip to Bowers Beach, got zen...

...and then ended up in the ER room getting a tetanus shot after I sliced my foot open on a foreign object.
Here is the picture displayed my ER room.
Thank you, young artist child, for brightening the place up.

See you next week.


  1. My first thought when I saw the first photo "Lawrence of Arabia". Yes! Wesley the dog literally photo bombed that picture. Good thing for editing. Another great Sunday post. Always leave me feeling good about life. Have a wonderful week!