Sunday, May 18, 2014

Sunday Evening Post

Sun shine on me
(and you too).
The week in pics.

New pumped up kicks.
You better, run, baby, run...

My friend Jeff and I made a pact a few weeks ago to do a shot of espresso together and toast our parents.
We ran into one another at Espresso-N-Ice and got it done.

My wife and I spent a fair amount of time watching the fiddler crabs race in Lebanon.
They sort of remind me of the guys at the gym.  
Big arms.
No legs.

Ah, yes.
31 weeks.
I remember it well. I advise you to savor it, young man.  Before you know it, you'll hit 40 weeks and suddenly you just don't have that same pep.

Congratulation to Jess, the new hometown member of the school board.

A shot of the whole gang having a celebratory

A latte in Italy.

"Who has more fun on vacation than people?"
-Tom Shoaf

The man from the city of Brotherly Love presented this throwback photo for his Facebook fans.
It has so much going for it, but my favorite is the girl on the right wearing tube socks with a bikini.

The sunshine lane is the second from the left.

Good times and good food with P at Sagami restaurant in Collingswood, NJ

Frita Rose and the gang headed out to the Strawberry Festival at Fifer's Orchards.

Happy Birthday to C!

3 yuccas.
2 hydrangeas.
1 eunonymous.
It's on like Donkey Kong.

A giant beetle flew over top of us while driving home.
I kid.
It actually hitched a ride on our windshield.
What aerodynamics!

A comic book all about the life of Andre the Giant.
Count me in.

This is what its like eating a meal with my Dad and me when the Pirates are on.
Bucs beat the Yankees that day-
5 to 3.

See you next week.

This is the song my Son sang at his school's evening of the arts.


  1. The blonde female in the pink bikini looks like a young Pamela Anderson!

  2. Frito Rose is one lucky dog. By the way, I think I missed out on the latest fashion trend, day glo sneaks. Wassup with that anyway? Still, I think I'll get me a pair.

  3. Ron - FR is staying with us this week so we'll see if our high opinion of her stays intact. You should get a pair of old school Adidas with the fat bright laces like Run DMC wore!