Sunday, June 15, 2014

Sunday Evening Post

Once again back is the incredible,
The rhyme animal,
The uncannable...*
Sunday Evening Post and the week in pics
*Courtesy of Public Enemy.

The lost and found at the orthopedist's office.
I like the hat and the shades missing the lens.

Boner of the week goes to our local Safeway for displaying that Fifer Orchards is located in Maryland.
My wife told them about it, but it still hangs there as of today.

Poor Frita was taken to the Vet to get spayed.  That look right there is why I never got a vasectomy.
I'll take my chances, thank you very much.

That berry has back and I cannot lie.

They have cards for everything these days, to include frugal men such as myself.

The last day of school lightens up the workload for my wife.  She went from these daily alarms to...

Must be nice.

Couple of sad faces trying to deal with the last day of school.
Cheer up, gang.

I was watching some Batman Brave and the Bold when I noticed a villain jump out with a massive...
What the heck is that?!?!?!
What am I looking at?

Maybe I wasn't watching Batman after all.

Even tough guys need some TLC every once in a while.

Happy Father's Day.

I got some cool coupons.

Side view of the ice cream cake for the Family Sunday Dessert.

I like a place that takes their business seriously.

See you next week.

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