Sunday, June 8, 2014

Sunday Evening Post

Work, work, and more work.
Fortunately, moments of blissful fun were squeezed in.
Here they are.

Happy 3rd Birthday, F!

Some delicious fare from the Greek Festival in Wilmington.

Cupcakes in Georgetown
(D.C. not DE).
The second from the left is titled "Pretty Bitchin'."  I guess the glass encasements are so no one sneaks a lick.

Frita's smokin' a stogie.  Or maybe it's a pinecone.

Happy Graduation, E!  Here is the scholar with her big sis.

My son bruised a bone in his hand doing one of these new fangled sports.  His science teacher promised him an A if he stuck this paper clip in his hand and walked around saying, "Aarrgh."

Canker sores are not discussed enough these days.  Thankfully, we know a six year old girl who is willing to break the social norms and wanted to tell her teacher all about them.

This is her sister.  First, she dressed herself and posed for the photo on the left.
It's very 1995 Pearl Jam grunge, but then the fist and over-the-head dandelion sends it to the top.
She know greatness when she sees it, because she made it into a self portrait.
If it was part of an auction, I guarantee it would be hanging on my wall.

Hard cider and skittles.
The dinner of champions.

The BBQ game option.
Latter ball could be played only because they did not have Former ball.

Not many men can pull off a pink T-shirt displaying cotton candy, but this guy did.

The first of many out-of-the-park homers.
Sorry, J, but I already registered your name as a dot com so when you make the big time I will make millions.

Another cool kid celebrating a birthday.
That is a very tasty-looking bundt cake.

Acoustic night at the Young Bean in Clayton.

See you next week.

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  1. Ah Greek food, how I miss it since Zorba's closed. My mouth was watering when I saw the photo you posted. Have a great week!