Sunday, August 10, 2014

Sunday Evening Post

Stellar week!
It may go down as top ten material...
or at least as one of the seven deadly sins
Here are images to prove it.

This young man is in the throes of telling a scary camp story about a stranger who "vants to vash your vindows".

Cookie Monster ice cream cone.

Remnants of a Dangerously Delicious Key Lime pie, a gift from Baltimore.

The Bearded One put on a birthday display of pounding two Helen's Double Sausage Sandwiches in one sitting.
Elvis looked on proudly in the background.

He was so proud, in fact, that he requested the Bearded One place his first born on his lap so that he may bless her for all eternity.
(Don't show this photo to child protective services).

"The most beautiful thing in the world to me is a baby looking as pretty as her mama".
-Elvis Aaron Presley

After Tiger Woods pulled out due to a back injury, E took number one at the local putt-putt tourney.

Watching while a barista serves up a fancy-pants coffee to me in New York City.
Poor Dunkin'Donuts won't ever be the same.

I wanted to reenact King Kong by climbing the Empire State Building, but I eventually settled on climbing this rock in Central Park.
You can't see them, but little toy planes are buzzing all around my head.

 I saw this piece hanging up in a kids' clothing store.  That was my favorite part of the old Batman show.  The incredibly deep quote on top reads:
"You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain".

I know they did it for humor and to sell some booze, but trust me when I say that Love will always reign supreme.

I try to keep things at least PG-13, but I saw this T-shirt equipped with a John Waters quote and laughed out loud.

He has a new book out called Car Sick and it is the memoirs of his adventures hitchhiking from his Baltimore home to his pad in San Francisco.  Could you imagine picking this guy up at a truck stop?

Umami Burger, embedded with truffle oil and topped with an egg.

On our way back south, we popped into Princeton where I saw Albert Einstein's playing cards on display at the public library.

Green Tea ice cream to finish a wonderful meal at Sagami's near Camden, NJ, and fuel us up for the ride home to DE.

Good times had by all.

See you next week.


  1. Wow! What a Sunday Night post this week. Aqua colored ice cream. And that John Water's T-shirt. I too had to laugh out loud. Super duper! Have a great week!

  2. You too, Ron! Always glad to hear that we are making smiles.

  3. Where did you find the John Waters tshirt? I love it!