Sunday, August 17, 2014

Sunday Evening Post

Avocado tattoo.
Giant inflatable mushrooms.
Local cucumber as big as a baseball bat.
Headlines from the Weekly World News?
The week in pics.

Mrs. L proudly showing off her giant cucumber.  Personal gardens are awesome edible science experiments.

Little guy chows down on a banana...

While his Dad catches some rays in the flooded back yard.  
No one will ever accuse him of not watering the lawn.

Three generations gathered at my Mom's favorite charity to assist with stuffing backpacks for local children who have only one week before school starts.

When we finished up, J caught a glimpse of this message on the warehouse shelf.  Mom always finds a way to show her approval.

When it comes to naming a vessel, simplicity is a good policy.

Sketchy behavior.
(Nyuk. Nyuk.)

M made a house visit to this new little cousin.

 J spotted an avocado tattoo on the server's leg at Cheu Noodle in Philadelphia.

If her intent was to whet my interest in the super food, well miss, mission accomplished.

Too bad she didn't have an ice cream cone tattoo.

M and J got a chance to catch up with Aunt M.
It is now official.
Even without counting his 'Fro, M is taller than she is.

I don't know where she finds this stuff, but my wife has a knack in collecting the bizarre every week.

This one is too easy.
Susan "Bee" Anthony.
Nailed it!

It's Saturday, it's beautiful, and I have the whole day off with no obligations.
I got up with my best friend and we ended up in Annapolis at the Silopanna Music Festival.
We had no clue what to expect.

This is Matt and Kim.
They rocked the house.
I asked them to sign a shirt for my son, but I had no pen.  They were gracious enough to pose for a pic with it.
If you ever get a chance to see them play, don't question, just go.
Thank me afterwards.
I give them 6 out of 6 sweet potatoes.

We had great food and beverage, awesome seats in comfy adirondack chairs, and when day turned to night, the Flaming Lips unleashed a huge potion of whacky nuttiness.
They had the glitter and confetti cannons turned up to eleven.

Sorry there is no sound, but I took a quick video.  As you can see, there is a duo of giant inflatable aliens dancing on stage.
This was after two giant mushrooms and caterpillars left.  The singer then crawled into a giant hamster ball and rode on top of the crowd.
You guessed it:
6 out of 6 sweet potatoes from this music critic.
If someone says, "Hey.  Flaming Lips are playing.  Would you like to come?"
Run. Don't walk.

Sunday dinner made by loving wife.
Poached egg on top of veggie hash.

See you next week.

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  1. Catching up on my favorite bloggers after my two week sojourn in Toronto, Canada. By the way, have you checked out Toronto? Some really fabulous restaurants and outstanding music and the folks . . . . WOW! Expensive though, 13% sales tax on EVERYTHING in the city but well worth the experience Toronto definitely isn't Lower Slower. Funny thing, first maple leaf flag I saw I thought "Why are they flying that?" Then I realized I wasn't in the good ole USA anymore. A different and enjoyable experience for a change.