Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sunday Evening Post

J's phone was down for most of the week, so pictures were sparse.  Still, were able to take enough to prove our existence in this timeline.  The week in pics.

Bananas, kale, rice milk and curry spices with hot sauce blended together as a smoothie:
the curry slurry fury.

A giant spider has decided to build its web outside of our kitchen window.  
We watch each other eat.

A gift from Ghana.  Make fufu, not war!

It's what the teens are wearing to school these days.

Keeping kids busy for over one hundred years.

I can dig it.
I still chew a wad of Red Man once in a while myself just to keep close to my roots.

Ah. That first sip of refreshing seltzer water.
Might be his last sip, too.

Nice.  This is either a rendition of the Big Bad Wolf and the Three Little Pigs or Iron Maiden's new music video.

This crew pitched in to clean up parts of the beach as part of V's Bat Mitzvah service project.  Seeing the Stars of David on the shirts, the group was greeted with lots of Mazel Tovs.  J had one guy walk up to her and ask where he could find a good bagel and lox.  Oy vey schmear!  

The fearless leader V kept them on task.
Bathroom breaks were only allowed in the ocean.

Route 1 Sunset.

J's maiden name, seen in Paris.

J got a visit from Ghana Jen (that's what we call her to distinguish her from Wisconsin Jen).  They went to Target and the DMV together.  Ghana Jen might not be rushing back for another visit.

See you next week.

Best "Hick Life" song of all time:


  1. That was a beautiful sunset on Route One tonight wasn't it? I almost took a picture of it myself. You probably rode right by our home. We live in the development right behind the new Church of Lewes on Oyster Rocks Road to your right, Hudson Properties and Eagle Crest Road to the left. Small world. Wonder we haven't crossed paths yet. Probably have and didn't know it. Have a great week!

    1. That is what I like about DE. No matter where I go, I always run into people I know. I caught a glimpse of you that one time in Starbucks. We will have to coordinate a family outing together this winter.