Monday, September 22, 2014

Monday Evening Post

Due to technical difficulties,
the blog is one day late.
I put the full blame squarely on my wife.
The week in pics.

The bummer is that someone lost an eye and that is why this tag now exists.

I was checking out some of the new cereal mascots and they are getting pretty freaky looking.  This is cinnamon toast crunch guy.
Here is the new Apple Jacks Man.
I guess he can fly.
Captain Crunch's Crew Woman.

Cock pic hanging in the bathroom at a restaurant we tried down in Milton called 
The Backyard.  We had a very pleasant meal and evening.

E-Man getting it done.
No shirt?
No problem.

My son built an orange peel and olive oil lantern.

Snapshot of a working mom's life; one who tries to multi-task by pumping her breast milk while driving, and realizes that the textbook and student essays that she accidentally left on the roof of her car have just taken flight.  This photo is right after she scurried across a busy road to retrieve every last one.

Someone's discarded grocery list.  Bacon, egg, biscuit, Virgiania baked ham, cheese, and chicken.
That is going to be one delicious salad.

I look at this photo and all I can think about is Bonnie Tyler singing
"Turn around Bright Eyes" from Total Eclipse of the Heart.

Snail Trail.

Speaking of squishy things, J fried up some calamari. 
Good stuff.

I got gif'd.
In my defense, "Surfing Bird" came on the radio and I think it is state law that you have to dance to that song.
You can get fined.

At least once a day, you should somehow come in contact with nature.

Homemade pizza, take us out.


  1. What a cool app, Giffer! One of these days our paths will cross. I've eaten at The Backyard too. I like their cauliflower hummus flatbread. Very tasty. I don't like the soft seats next to the window though, hard on the back. Have a great week!

  2. That is hilarious! Jill and I had the exact same critique about the chairs. We decided they were early 80s uncomfortable. Have a great week.