Sunday, October 26, 2014

Sunday Evening Post

 It seems like everyone is preparing for All Hallow's Eve.
If I could have just one night to be someone else...
I wish I could be either Ladybird Johnson or Charles Bronson.
Here be the pictures from the week.

The Royal Librarian once again inspiring the local youth to read more and stretch their horizons.
And if they do not,
then off with their heads.

E's loose tooth... no more.

I am usually not a fan of cats, but this one has a certain charm.
Feline Littlersistas.

My brother's spooky jack o' lanterns.  He has always been a master of the craft.

R was approached by several people and told how much they liked his "Mad Men" themed costume.
He didn't know what they were talking about.

Even our old rental is getting in on the hoopla.

 The ladies hit in the town midweek to belatedly celebrate JM's birthday in style.

Reflections in the aquarium or the popular "Cybil" costume.
You decide.

Tough hombres wearing bowties.
Now that is boss.

A is Edith the Ninja and E is Blu, the bird from the movie Rio.
(Like you needed that explained!  Everybody who is anybody knows who Edith the Ninja is).

We found all kinds of trails to walk this week.  Above are parts of the St. Jones Reserve areas.

M strutted into his costume party as a cereal killer victim.
(Fortified with Vitamin D).

It was just brought to our attention that we received a message from a young man who was the subject matter for one of our weekly posts.
The pic and reply are posted below.

We got a big kick out of this and hope to run into him next year to recreate the scene.
We'll call it:
Return of the Hip.

Awesome costume!
(Just don't fall down.
It could be a while before you get up).

J received a strange request from a good friend that she had not seen in a while.  She happily obliged.

I felt like I should wear a costume as well, but being the cheapskate that I am, I pilfered two pieces of chiclet gum.
Now come on, give me some candy!

All right, people.
You know the drill.
I'm allergic to corn syrup, so make sure you buy a bunch of gourmet organic chocolate.

See you next week.


  1. Yet another weekly post and one bonafide LOL. I don't have to tell you which one. Have a happy Halloween!

  2. Thanks, Ron. Glad to hear we keep making you laugh.