Sunday, November 9, 2014

Sunday Evening Post

We took a week off and it was a lot like skipping the gym-
it just left us feeling lazy and fat.
We're back-
Tan.  Rested.  Ready.
Shots of the fourteen days.

Finding shows for all three of us can be a challenge.  Fortunately, the new Flash fits the bill.  We decided to recreate last week's intro of Captain Cold.
Cold's freeze gun is shooting out a Q-tip (unused).

Today would have been my Mom's 68th Birthday.  It was a little tough, but when this types of pics come your way, it makes it a whole lot easier.  Thank you.

Mussels with fish.

Fish with muscles.

Ben Affleck filming Batman.
(They do wonders with CGI these days).

Halloween sloth.  She was going to go Trick or Treating, but she took a really long nap, instead.

Great look, but you just gave up your secret identity!

Oh, sure.
Everyone looks smashing.
Fantastic costumes.
Must be nice to be married to a professional photographer.

A little late night spooking through the window while the fall moon shines.

My son got a vacuum cleaner stuck on his face and it left a bruise.
Pretty dumb, but I guess I should be thankful he wasn't sticking it somewhere else.

Listen, you are taking this whole paleo diet way too far.
Eat some ice cream, for crying out loud!

We starting out the week with a trip to our favorite restaurant outside of Philly to catch up with family
(Good times).
Then we got our socks scared off of us at the final haunted house of the year-
The Eastern State Penitentiary!

Alien/Human Hybrids?
I wish I had this info before I voted.

Fritarose cameo.
We can't afford her weekly appearance fees anymore.

Check it out.
Baby Z is wearing the same sweater that her Mom used to wear, sewn by Mom-Mom the Great.
They don't make them like that anymore!

"Oh yes it's ladies night and the feeling's right
Oh yes it's ladies night, oh what a night, oh what a night!Oh yes it's ladies night and the feeling's rightOh yes it's ladies night, oh what a night"

-Kool and the Gang

See you next week.


  1. MISSED YOU! Welcome back and what an update. Son with vacuum hickey, hilarious! Halloween sloth, inspired! And to end with perfection, "Ladies Night." Superb.

    1. Many Thanks, Ron. We aim to please. We just needed a week to chillax and recharge the batteries!