Sunday, October 5, 2014

The Sunday Evening Post

What a great month-
haunted houses, fall foods, baseball playoffs...
This month definitely makes my all-time favorite top 12.
La semana en picturas.

My wife learned that in life, you should stop and smell the roses.
Unfortunately, she failed to realize it was best to stop walking before you attempt it.
Boo-boo from her daily walk.

The great thing about text pic messages is that all day long I get them from J and really get a chance to see what makes my main squeeze tick.
This camper parked at the local coffee shop really irked her.
In its defense, the model is the "Outback" and its back is definitely way out there.

This is one I wished she had kept to herself:
a dreaded house centipede sighted in my abode.
Now I have to go buy a new shotgun.

I would prefer this gal crawling around my house.
Cool shirt, but mine would say
"Eat Cheese".

Awww, yeah!
Mi familia now has an official fresh and organic egg hookup.
Above is J's avocado and beet matched with fried egg.
Below is my lentils and tabsaco sauce with egg concoction.

It was a great honor for us to have Mom inducted into the Delaware 4-H Hall of Fame.
She touched so many lives in such a variety of ways.
It was a great feeling to have her hard work recognized and to have that moment of pride to think:
"That's my Mom".

K is another Green Acres 4-H Club Alumni who was in attendance to recognize the induction of her Grandmother, Grace Tinley.
She dutifully posed as the rose between two thorns (Me and Bro).

As we were leaving the event, J caught a shot of this fish man purse.
A woman may need a man like a fish needs a bicycle,
but a man needs a fish purse like he needs a hole in the head.
(But hey, that is just my humble opinion).

The Big J turned one!
He celebrated by dressing in his Halloween costume.
Happy Birthday!

Very cool treats to chow upon at the fiesta.

The Pirates are out,
but over in the AL, the dream still lives for the O's.
Natty Bo celebrates with retired Orioles
Cal Ripken and Eddie Murray.
Below is a photo of them during their heyday.
Eddie looks sort of funny now without his trademark mustache.

El Paso.
El Crasho.
I love a trucker with a good sense of humor.

Ok.  for all of you Dads out there, the Father bar has been raised.
These two ladies have a Pop that hung up a disco ball in the garage so they could boogie.
The only possible con of such a move is the threat of disco war.

That's right, gang.  It is October and that means haunted houses.
Our first visit of the season was to Marydel's
"Haunted Chicken House".
It was spooky, put together well, and included a hay ride afterwards.
I give it 4 tombstones out 5.

See you next week.


  1. I have a hunch you are the wonderful father, husband, son and friend today because of the values your mother instilled in you. And you will pass on those values to your son, friends, and family. Good job mom!

    1. Amen, Ron. Mom was from a long line of good people. I pretty much hit the DNA jackpot. See you next week!