Sunday, September 28, 2014

Sunday Evening Post

A new year, homecoming, and surgery all in the same week.
Lets do this.
Here are the photos.

Pomegranate seeds offered up at Rosh Hashanana, a dinner to celebrate the Jewish New Year.  Unfortunately, there are no pics of the candied yams or apple cake, so try to picture them in your mind.

Bless that challah bread
(and then toss it my way, please).

She felt so strongly about not eating turkey on Thanksgiving(or any day)that she wanted to wear it so everyone would see.
Awesome job.

My father-in-law accidentally wore two entirely different sneakers to his surgery.  It must have been good luck because the procedure went well.

 A shot of Sticky Fingers, a vegan bakery in D.C.  It is also the name of my favorite Rolling Stones album. 
(I doubt it's sweeter than "Moonlight Mile," the tenth track.  Check it out).

Here is Phyllis the robot.
She ran around the hospital delivering cleaning supplies.
It won't be long before she is performing surgeries.

This hand drawn sign was posted at the tollbooth in the hospital parking garage.
"After you done please clean up your self".
What does it mean?
Who is it directed to?
Is that a sketch of a prison guard tower?
Unsolved mysteries, one and all.

LW obtaining a perfect 10 homecoming wave.
What a lovely corsage!

Poor Dwishit.
That is a tough name to carry through life.
Just ask his sisters, Bimanure and Tweepoopy.

Good one.

Nice work, C!
A 5K in a flashy tutu no less.
You beat your Dad, but he didn't know there would be beer afterwards.  If he had known that, he would have run you over.

Nothing but respect, especially after seeing that belt up close.  All those bottle caps must have weighed five pounds!

I turned the corner in my office and this is what is looking at me.  I don't even ask any more.
I just document it.

The Mike-a-Rita
should never be confused with a dya-rita,
Kaluha and chocolate ice cream.
(Note to self:  too many fecal jokes this week).

It was a beautiful Friday night, so my son and I walked the boards in Rehoboth.
Awesome time.

See you next week.


  1. "Poor Dwishit.
    That is a tough name to carry through life.
    Just ask his sisters, Bimanure and Tweepoopy."
    You always make me LAUGH OUT LOUD. Thanks and have a great week!

    1. Thanks, Ron. If can't laugh at Dwishit, what can you laugh at?