Sunday, November 30, 2014

Sunday Evening Post

I don't have answers to the tough questions, but I do have fun pictures with cheesy subtitles.
Here they are.

Couple of stud muffins on their way to baseball tryouts down in Texas.  Three tryouts, and three offers.
Good job, men.

Pretty soon it will be time to get your dreidel on (but not for $7).
Mine is made of clay.

Right smack in the middle here is a half-eaten cookie that someone left in the grocery store aisle.
I give them credit.  Most people who steal cookies take the whole thing.  This person only took half.

M baked during the entire holiday break.
I think he has a Grandmom trapped inside him waiting to break out.

Seven eggs.

Enjoying a Thanksgiving walk.
We passed many backyard football games. 

 If you can Henry David Thoreau for even one hour, I highly recommend it.

 Young ones showing off some Spartan pride next to the Detroit River.

Courtesy of my wife's Facebook feed:
The honey glazed fried turkey.
It looks like it cut into a hot line while stealing copper wire.

Awesome pizzelle cookies were available for the taking at Thanksgiving this year.
All my life I thought they were called gazelles.  Until last year, by the way.

I always get a kick in seeing help wanted signs.  I like to joke that "work is for suckers", but some of my fondest memories revolve around my part-time gigs that started with signs like this.

"That's great, Dad.
Now, get in my belly"!

I just don't get it.
How can this little lady be so cute and so funny looking at the same time?

M and me prepping for the big day...

My Dad got hitched!

My brother and I stood by his side, sporting these boss golf tee boutonniere his wife had made for us.

The newlyweds with all of the grandchildren.
My nephew made me laugh all day long by repeating "Shangri-Laaaa" over and over.

Strawberry shortcake wedding cake.

Of course, it ended up all over Pop's face.
Congratulations, Dad.

See you next week!


  1. Fabulous, fabulous and fabulous! You outdid yourself with this week's Sunday post. Thanks again for sharing. And best wishes to your dad.

    1. Thanks, Ron. I appreciate it. Dad seems to be doing well. We are all very happy for him.