Sunday, November 23, 2014

Sunday Evening Post

A couple more days and it is time to give some thanks-
but it is never too early to start.
I am thankful for the week we just had.
So much so that I am going to highlight it with pictures and humorous captions.

J got her locks cut off.
I guess my days of asking her to let down her hair so I can climb up the tower are over.

Happy Birthday, E!

His dad created this "pin the tail on the dinosaur" for the occasion.
Decent pun.
I give it an 8.

He got an aquarium equipped with Feebus the fish, a frog, and a snail.
The snail's name eludes me at the moment, but  the frog wished to remain anonymous.

My son attended the local high school visitation for the incoming freshmen where he learned all about the CAD offerings, the Tech Prep program, and...
the realities of teen pregnancy.
The young lady in the photo is introducing him and his classmates to the sympathy belly, a learning prop.
Stick to math, mister.

This dad stopped by his daughters' school to demonstrate his mad culinary skills.

First freeze spotted.
Hey!  It's Log!

Whatever you do, don't touch Kenny's air freshener.

I woke up one morning and a young troll wouldn't let me pass down the hallway until I paid a toll.
I thought they only worked bridges.

I'm kidding.
It's actually J the Jolly Green Giant.

Meanwhile, his aunt photo-bombed the ESPN Gameday set at the 131st Harvard-Yale game.
Honestly, I think I prefer her over these four dudes.
Crimson won
(and I have no clue which team that is).
The closest I ever got to the ivy league was poison ivy.

Late-night toasted egg sandwich after pulling chaperone duty for the middle school dance.

My son peeled an orange and left the skin on the couch.  I thought it was funny because it looks just like an elephant!
(You dirty minded people were thinking of something else.  You make me ill).

Bruce Lee is back...
and he is endorsing Under Armour.
If it was yellow with a giant 
Kareem Abdul Jabar footprint on it, then I would buy six of them.
See you next week.


  1. We all have plenty of be thankful for. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  2. You too, Ron. Make sure you pace yourself on Thursday!