Sunday, April 12, 2015

The Sunday Evening Post

We worked our arses off around the house.
If you don't believe it, we have the before and after shots to prove it.
So there.
The week in pics.

 J and M broke for spring in the mighty Shenandoah Valley-
Where the skies are big and the cows pontificate.

a nice place for clouds to hang out and just be themselves.

 J is not here to fill me in as to what this is, but I suspect that it is the organic farm that they visited.
They are so organic...
that they accuse the amish of being big agri-business.
(Farm humor is tough).

My friend came over to help design the landscape around the house and arrived bearing gifts for my wife.
I give you elderberry liquor-
the bees knees.

Ice cream that has been staked through the heart.
Now it's O.K. to eat it.

A shot of my wife's bedside table with lovely flowers in water.
No wonder she sleeps in so late.
(She'd like me to point out that flowers are from our son, not from me.)

M helped out at the local nature center and got to hang with this turtle.
It turns out that when the visitors are gone, the staff parties with the slow reptiles.

J and I were driving past the school's district office what we watched a crowd unleash these bird balloons.

Now on to house porn!
This is the new view from the front door.
Kind of Zen.

I feel like my place has finally found its way.  It just needed a little readjusting.

 My first unexpected guests to the new chateau were seven deer.  I looked out the window Sunday morning, and there they were.
Going for a more natural look really paid off.

Thank goodness, the Big D stopped by and helped me roll the concrete cylinders around.  I figure they weight about 700 pounds apiece.  Once you put them down, they are not coming up.

See you next week.


  1. Spring is busting out all over.

  2. What a great Sunday post! Beautiful photos. Love your house. You would like my friend Pat's house ("hoose" in Toronto. Very minimalist. Have a super week!