Sunday, April 5, 2015

Sunday Evening Post

April Fools and Easter, too.
The week recorded in photos.

The whole family gathered together to celebrate a belated B-Day for your humble narrator.  My son hooked me up with a vegan cake decorated with the logo of my favorite comic book character.
My reaction...
...and this would probably be the Punisher's reaction.

I know what it looks like and that is the point.
For April Fool's Day, my wife thought it would be funny to construct an artificial "El Dooky" and place it next to M's toilet so he would find it in the morning.

Here was the final result.
Yes, he was fooled for a moment, but I also imagine he was emotionally and psychologically scarred.
If anyone knows a good shrink for the both of them, please e-mail me at

I don't understand why fitness gyms can't be more like this.  If we called it recess instead of exercise, I bet you would see a lot more healthy people out and about.

Alas, I could not make Passover dinner this year due to scheduling, but it appears that my nephew got in the swing of things and learned all about the Israelites and Moses and the plagues.
I hope he also participated in the traditional "bobbing for eggs".  If you come up with an egg, you get a sweet treat.  If you accidentally get a potato, you get a paddling.
April Fools!
(See, you can have fun with April Fools without incorporating fake turds).

A shot of the free range chicken that lurks on our local walking trail.

Speaking of chicken...
Bring on the Easter Egg-stravaganza montage!!!

The cake was courtesy of M.
I am trying to get him to turn pro, so I can retire and become the Cake CEO.
I envision a shop that contains: coffee, cakes, green shakes, beer brewed on site, and cigars.

If you are going to call your jalapeño sauce
"The Duck" 
it best be hot.

I discovered that these bean are WIC approved, but I was looking for Wiccan approved foods.
There we go.

Absolutely not.
You can go gluten free all you want, but there is no way something called "Glutenfreeda" 
will ever replace the beloved...

See you next week.


  1. Happy birthday! Only 43? (I'm 73). Here is a tip, the next thirty years - they go by FAST!

    Another fabulous posting. Have a great week.

    1. First 18 was eternity, and now the years fly by. Glad to see that you are out and about without the walker. Have a great week, Ron.