Monday, March 1, 2010

Goodnight, Sweet Prince

I must let the millions of reading fans out there  know that Mystery Guy is taking a hiatus from posting.  My legal team has advised me not to talk on the matter, but I feel I must.
I hope that his goodbye is not permanent, but that he will one day soon wet his quill with the ink of knowledge that he has bestowed upon us all for these short thirty days.  I confidently say that I am a better person because of the time he spent here on the inter-web with me.
I fondly remember almost choking on a pancake at Bob Evans when I saw that he had posted Manny Coon.  Only Mystery Guy can get away with such strokes of genius.  He made me think hard about death as I stared into Dr. Thompson's blackened glasses and realized that I need to remove my rose-colored ones.  Strange days, indeed.
I hope my dear friend finds himself better off after this journey that we took together.  He knows best that some trips taken can end you up stranded in the Big Easy, while others can take you to heights such as Graceland and Automatic Slims.  I pray this sojourn was dominoes and billiards on Beale Street and not a walk through Newark, Delaware sipping on soda spiked with brandy.
Adieu to you, Master D.  May the train forever pass you by.

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