Thursday, May 27, 2010

April Fools

Main Entry:gallows humor
Part of Speech:noun
Definition:humor derived from serious matters
Synonyms:black humor, grim humor, macabre humor, sick humor

Best April Fools Day Joke Ever

Start Now!
You really have to sell it.  Around the end of May, tell your boss that you have a doctor's appointment because you found this giant pumpkin-like lump in your leg.  Start to walk with a slight limp around the office.
About a month later, mention to co-workers that you are waiting for blood results, but your primary care physician did not like what she saw.  Start posting similar things on your Facebook page.

A month after that, make an announcement that they found a rare and weird parasite in your blood and you have to go in for surgery.  Disappear for two weeks.

Come back to work with your leg missing!  This can be achieved by bending your leg up and then securing it with some gauze and duct tape.  Some clever sewing might be needed as well.  Get a friend to help.  Also, have a close confidant start a charitable organization at your behest (REMEMBER: DO NOT ACTUALLY REMOVE YOUR LEG).

Play this out all year.  Slowly get sicker and sicker until the end of next March when you have your buddy announce your death!  Make certain you post an obituary and obtain a fake death certificate (REMEMBER: DO NOT ACTUALLY DIE!  This would be funny, but not as funny).

Make certain the viewing and funeral are scheduled for April 1st (April Fools Day - Duh!).  Wait until everyone is in attendance and the mood is extremely somber.  Also, hire a film crew to record the scene.

Now is your moment.  Spring forth from the open casket (preferably when everyone is gathered around it) and yell out loudly, "April Fools"!!!!!!

At this time you will probably have to give your friends and family about fifteen minutes to get out all of the laughter and joy that your joke will create.  I also imagine that they will hoist you from the coffin and do a few rounds of "For he's a jolly good fellow which nobody can deny".  Make certain you have plenty of food and beverage available for the great party-like atmosphere created by a prank well played!





  1. I can attest this works great! I did this four years ago, minus the leg amputation part. When me and my physician get out of San Quentin in 2 more years for the fraud charges we are serving as a result of this prank, we plan on trying this again. It truly was that funny!

  2. Uh huh. Yeas, I'm going to do this.