Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Hump Day Album Cover

What ever happened to album covers?
One of my favorite pastimes as a youngin' was hanging out in record stores (later deemed CD stores) and looking at all the different types of art and photos used to sell music.
Turns out album covers are still out there in this digital age, and I still love checking them out.  I have decided to share one of my finds each week on Wednesday.

The Hump Day Album Cover

Saint Vitus

Sure, you think your band is pretty intense, but is it this intense?  These guys make lockjaw feel like a spa session.


  1. "Intense" is the first word that came to my mind even before I read your post. I have plenty of album covers from my big and useless (and worthless) collection of LP's from the 70's. I wonder what will happen to them after I go the Great Beyond. Probably end up at a local thrift store going for 10 cents apiece (if that).

  2. They'll probably end up at Sotheby's sixty years from now selling for 5 grand a piece.