Saturday, March 3, 2012

Beer - A Love Affair.

I like beer -
the same way I like to breathe each day or like to live free of pain or like world peace.

What I mean to say is, I really dig beer.

I also write this next sentence without any sarcasm (too much of that stuff in the world these day) andI am not trying to be cute or witty:

A good beer instills my faith in God.

(And I stress the word "good".  There are a plethora of finely crafted ales upon this earth for the pickings.  Please honor thyself and pick a few up and place them lovingly in your pantry).

A beer is a timeout that I thoroughly enjoy.
A moment to clear the mind of all thought and relax both body and spirit and focus intently on one thing-
one simple thing done really well-
one thing that has been with man since the dawn of time, brought forth through generations, brought from the older countries, brought to this place, this time, this moment.  Drinking a beer is like shaking hands with history (and like a handshake should be firm, pure, not clammy, and devoid of any funny business).

I try to partake once a day and thanks to academia and science, there are a lot of articles out there that support the idea that a daily beer can actually be good for you - sort of like a multi-vitamin or exercise or even brushing your teeth (I am teasing.  Brushing your teeth daily sounds sort of nutty).

So pop the top, say a prayer, and join me - no matter how far away - for a glass of holy beer.

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