Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sunday Evening Post

We have pictures.
Yes, we do.
We have pictures-
How about you?

 A lot of stuff came in sets this week.
Apple crisp from the family dessert night, art from the monthly date night, and a picture of Amish doughnuts at Spence's Bazaar.  I saved the best set for last.

 Dem seasoned neck bones
connected to the head bone...

Gym attire.
It may be time to get some new workout duds.

You can barely see him, but there is a crow perched on top of that light pole and he has been following me all week long.
I have named him Russell -
Russell Crow.
Yeah, but I'm certain that a few have been stabbed here and there.

This is what happens when the family gets cabin fever on a rainy night and decides to go walk around Target.  This is my wife as the nymph from the Piero di Cosimo painting.

Spider-Man and Captain America.

The big news was that the old barn got torn down.  I spent many a hot summer day throwing bales of hay into that bad boy.
I also used to raise chickens here with my brother.
New pole barn will be up soon.

Kid shots.

Sheer Genius.
When was the last time "Absolutely Fabulous" crossed your mind?

My son lost his glasses, so here are the new ones.  Very nice.
Buddy Holly would be jealous.

The hall of nephews.
Here is my first one coming out of his swim practice.

Here is the other one dressed as Captain Underpants, from the children's book series.

See you next week.

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