Sunday, July 1, 2012

Sunday Evening Post

Life's a Beach.
At least last week it was.

Boogie on boards, not out of noses.

The Father's Day gift - toting your grandson around in a two-man scooter mobile.

Forty years in the desert put beach-loving in their DNA.

Grub from Salt Air Restaurant.  Awesome food. Try the sardines and crackers, and no, I am not kidding.

Boardwalk shot before all of the hub bub.

9 to 5 is all business...

but the night belongs to them.

The key to skim boarding after forty is to know your limitations
(and plenty of tylenol).

Confession time:
We're swingers.

This takes monkey business a little too far.

I'm not sure what is more important to proclaim-
The fact that you love cheeseburgers...

or your firm belief that Sherlock Holmes is real.

 The Boys of Summer.

"I am the eye in the sky 
looking at you
I can read your mind".
-Alan Parsons Project

Finishing up the week by breaking bread-
tart cherry sheet cake.

Have a wonderful week.
Calm the body, and the mind will follow.


  1. Colby,

    Great summertime family pictures! You're very lucky.

    Les Paul and "Sleepwalk", two of my favorites! Looking at Les Paul play, this is a man who is one with his music.

    This is a fabulous Sunday Post!


  2. Thanks, Ron! "Sleepwalk" is one of our favorites as well. I'm glad you enjoyed the post. We saw an excellent swing band down at the pavilion on the main drag last week, too. I forgot to take a picture.