Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sunday Evening Post

It has been hot.
Africa hot.
Here are pics from the week.

This is how you smuggle candy into summer camp-
You place them underneath earrings.  Quite devious.  Very French Resistance.

 Praying Mantis on my screen door.  It's tough to figure out actual size.  I have another shot with better scale.

Like I said, It's pretty big.

It was soooo hot, we fried grilled cheese on our sidewalk!

 Fourth of July.  Look closely and you can see the eyes of my nephew and sister-in-law while they swing glow sticks around.
Good clean fun.

My wife is attending Firefly.  I like how they are calling the campsite "The Woodlands."  During NASCAR races, it's known as "Lot 10."

Two young ones at Grotto Pizza.

Pool Shark.

Spoons, the card game
(not to be confused with Spoons, the utensils).


I love this sign, but I would have ended it with
"Hugs and Kisses".

Cigars and F. Scott Fitzgerald.

I started off the week by receiving homemade cupcakes.  Word to your mother.

I ended the work week by receiving a tuna steak as big as a catcher's mitt.
Can I get a What What?

See you next week.

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  1. "Africa Hot" - perfect description Colby of our weather. Always enjoy your humorous take on the week. I'm stealing the video of Anne Miller. Thanks!