Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sunday Evening Post

Look behind you and you will see last week.
Here are the photos of
7 glorious days we ain't getting back.

The summer girls basking in their youth.
(Some kids smile so hard they have to close their eyes to get it all on their faces).

New 'Do.
It says:
"Take me seriously.
Now... take me to your leader".

Some products are so brutally honest.

  If you're not driving your wife nuts, you're not doing your job as a husband.

 If someone out there has seen Patrick's tandem bike, please give him a call.  Singing "two for tea and tea for two" has no meaning without it.

The big event of the week was Firefly, a three-day music festival here in my home town.
L and I's ace reporter begrudgingly went to all three days to get the inside scoop.  Here is what she found.

The First State's first brewery, Dogfish Head, concocted an ale to commemorate the occurrence.
Reviews were positive, but mixed.

This random chap found it to be bold, yet smoky.

This young lady liked it for its pre-workout potential
(the bodybuilding pose entitled "Put on the Red Light" was unsolicited).

This guy just drank way too much of it.

That John Legend is a class act.  He took time out of his busy schedule to pose for a few photos with fans.  What a guy!

I'll admit it.  This looks nothing like the NASCAR Lot 10.  Props to the men and women who made it possible.

I understand that it is a casual event, but that is taking it to the extreme.

"If you catch a firefly
            and keep it in a jar
You may find that
            you have lost
A tiny star.

If you let it go then,

            back into the night,

You may see it
            once again
Star bright."
-Lilian Moore

Well put, Lilian.  
Our days are numbered.  Treasure your memories, but never be afraid to make new ones.

See you next week.

PS - I couldn't find a version of the video without ads, but bear with them, it is worth it.

The Black Keys - Lonely Boy by TheBlackKeys-Official

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  1. I like the firefly poem Colby. I believe it. Have a great week!